Tonic Essentials Founder Camille Holly.jpeg

A Message from
Tonic Essentials' Founder and CEO, Camille Holly

The idea for this revolutionary beauty brand came to my mind as a young black woman, a professional makeup artist, and natural hair enthusiast.

I have voluntarily spent the majority of my life working with other young women. From countless years spent on cheerleading teams to joining a public service sorority and mentoring younger girls, all my life I've been surrounded by girls and women always working together for a good cause whether it is perfecting a cheer routine or playing our roles in running a collegiate chapter and serving the community. 

Throughout my journey in beauty, starting from skincare to makeup to natural hair care, I grew to become a source of information and advice for my peers and teach many women how to enhance their beauty and express themselves through makeup, and how to care for and style their natural hair.

Growing through this beauty journey, it became apparent to me that the majority of the beauty industry is self-fulfilling and superficial. Though a lot of mainstream brands serve a functional purpose, they lack substance and integrity with watered-down products.

I want to bring a bigger meaning to cosmetics and alter the superficial perception it possesses. I desire to bring quality, effective, clean and sustainable products to the people while serving a deeper, and more fulfilling, purpose to the world, whether it’s for the environment, the people, or animals. 

Cosmetics is deemed "superficial" but is an integral part of the human life and experience. It keeps us clean and healthy and improves appearance and confidence. Thanks to my background and a degree in Chemical Engineering, Tonic Essentials is the result of my combining my passions for cosmetic science and service. This brand will take my other passion for beauty to a higher level with the direct mission to give back, inspire, and have the potential to impact the world.