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Discover the Beauty Benefits of Nature

Download your copy of the Herbal Ingredients Handbook with facts about the properties and benefits of over 70 natural ingredients for hair and skin care.

Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish

Your Complete Guide to Natural Ingredients

Learn about natural ingredients and their proven benefits

Butters   Carrier Oils   Essential Oils   Herbs   Hydrosols

Learn what ingredients are right for your skin and hair concerns

Full description of ingredients' properties, chemical makeup, and clinically proven benefits for both hair and skin so you can know what each ingredient contributes when you read ingredients lists of cosmetic products.


Have clinically proven facts in your back pocket for whenever you need them

Have a dependable resource of information on ingredients you come in contact with. Easy access to ingredient information so you can save time from researching!


Know all about the beneficial organic ingredients infused into each HerbalTonic product!

Just about every ingredient explained in the Herbal Ingredients eBook is infused into at least one of our HerbalTonic products. You can become knowledgeable of the herbs, oils, and butters in each of our products. Thus you'll know the benefits each products provide. 

 This eBook will equip you with the knowledge to discern between the benefits of one ingredient versus another. This knowledge can help you understand the pros and cons of products containing these ingredients and which ingredients (and products containing these ingredients) can help you personally. We’d like to mention that each ingredient in this eBook can be found in one or more of our HerbalTonic product line. We want to lay out the properties, benefits, and uses of each ingredient so you’re aware of the value Tonic Essentials provides in each product!

What to Expect

Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish


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