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The HerbalTonic Cleanser is a multi-purpose lathering wash that is deep-cleansing yet gentle and moisturizing. It is truly an Herbal Tonic because it is naturally-derived and packed with beneficial herbal extracts and active ingredients that are good for skin and scalp issues. The green color is naturally from chlorophyll - the antioxidant-packed green pigment found in leaves and herbs. The natural aromatherapeutic scent is a natural eucalyptus fragrance oil that invigorates your senses with each use. Our ingredients work synergistically together to ensure visible health from head to toe.



This cleanser is gentle enough to use daily, cleanses enough to leave pores clean, and effective enough to alleviate skin issues including blemishes and dark spots. 



Just as this cleanser helps unclog pores on the face, it works as a daily wash. Lather it on a loofah and enjoy the aromatherapy of the eucalyptus scent in your shower steam. 



Ingredients like garlic, onion, neem oil and more help cleanse the scalp of dead skin cells, dandruff, and dirt and grease. The moisturizing properties from aloe vera, hemp seed oil, argan oil, hemp seed protein, and more leave your scalp replenished and hair strands in good shape.

Herbal Cleanser

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