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The HerbalTonic Cleanser is a multi-purpose lathering wash that is deep-cleansing yet gentle and moisturizing. It is truly an Herbal Tonic because it is naturally-derived and packed with beneficial herbal extracts and active ingredients that are good for skin and scalp issues. The green color is naturally from chlorophyll - the antioxidant-packed green pigment found in leaves and herbs. The natural aromatherapeutic scent is a natural eucalyptus fragrance oil that invigorates your senses with each use. Our ingredients work synergistically together to ensure visible health from head to toe.

Herbal Cleanser

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  • This liquid cleanser lathers, cleanses, repairs, and moisturizes hair, scalp, face, and body. All ingredients have beneficial properties for hair, scalp, and skin. The open/lock dispensing pump makes it suitable for mess-free travel. We call the Herbal Cleanser "the root of it all" because it contains extracts from many beneficial roots (maca, burdock, marshmallow, licorice, etc.) and it is the first step in the HerbalTonic routine.


    NO harsh sulfates, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or animal-derived ingredients are included in the Herbal Cleanser.


    For external use only. Contains carrier oils extracted from nuts and essential oils. Patch test before full use. 

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