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The HerbalTonic Honey Mask is a moisturizing and purifying mask made with loads of honey and infused with organic herbal extracts to revitalize the hair, scalp, face, and body.


Use this product after the HerbalTonic Cleanser and focus it on your scalp and face for maximum benefits. Made with organic honey, koalin clay, nourishing oils, and herbal extracts, you can bet your skin and scalp are in good hands with vitamins and moisturization. The green color is naturally from chlorophyll - the antioxidant-packed green pigment found in leaves and herbs. 


Our ingredients work together to ensure visible health from head to toe. If you've ever used honey in your DIY creations, then you know how the Herbal Honey Mask can repair all skin types - from acne-prone to dry.


Herbal Honey Mask

SKU: 0040