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The HerbalTonic Oil is a blend of nourishing organic cold-pressed oils, essential oils, and herbal infusions making this an effective oil for skin and hair health and long-lasting moisture. Use this oil as a hair moisture sealant, scalp oil, facial oil serum, and a body oil for maximum benefits and tonic skin head-to-toe. Each ingredient was chosen to help alleviate problems for oily skin and dry skin. You'll find this oil penetrates deep and helps to keep bacteria away at the same time. 

Herbal Oil

SKU: 0030
  • This light-medium oil is highly absorbant and non-comedogenic. We only use 100% organic and unrefined cold-pressed oils - we don't water down our oil ingredients. It glides smoothly over skin and leaves a feeling of hydrated moisture that works from the inside out. The pleasant herbal scent naturally comes from essential oils of cedarwood and oregano and a natural eucalyptus fragrance oil. We include Frankincense resin in each bottle to infuse in the oil over time for added benefits. 


    NO mineral oils, silicones, or synthetic ingredients.


    For external use only. Contains carrier oils extracted from nuts and essential oils. Patch test before full use. 

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