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Effective & Naturally-Derived
Hair and Skin Care

potent formulas made with active botanicals

HerbalTonic uses the healing power of organic herbs that help with hair and skin issues of all types.

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healthy ingredients for


Many hair and skin care products contain harsh and unsafe fillers that don’t cater to the needs, nor the well-being, of people of color. Tonic Essentials’ plant-powered formulas invigorate hair and skin with active botanicals to bring out the natural best and promote tonic living for people of color.


NEW Herbal Honey Mask

made for scalp and skin

The first of its kind. Our moisturizing and purifying mask is made with loads of honey and infused with organic herbal extracts to revitalize the hair, scalp, face, and body.



"Skin clarity"

Tonic Essentials' Herbal Butter is truly a great product for skin clarity as well as shine. Using it after a shower or before I head out has done my skin justice and I’ve received numerous compliments pertaining to my skin and it’s Glow. Definitely a product I’d refer to friends and family!



The Herbal Cleanser is a need have. Period. It not only  nourishes my dry skin, but it also improves my dark spots and acne scars. It doubles as a hydrating wash for my curly hair and body. The soft natural scent and ingredients are gentle enough for multi-purpose everyday use & now my skin is always glowing!

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This butter is BEYOND amazing! The intentionality put into this product was made prevalent through how moisturized my body was — and I’m not talking about moisturized for an hour or two, I’m talking ALL DAY MOISTURE! I literally use this product on my body everyday. And the best part is it’s all natural. I’ve really grown tired of companies that are constantly using toxic ingredients that are not good for the skin, especially my sensitive skin! But this product is so friendly to my body — it doesn’t disrupt my eczema, it actually calms it! If you’re someone who has been deciding to try this product i totally recommend. If you’re someone who has sensitive skin or suffers from eczema you won’t be disappointed with this.

"Calms eczema"

"Improves dark spots"

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